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New member is in your stream of gaming.

I like to play war games and horror games. can we colaburate

  • I like both of those genres. For horror, I recommend Resident Evil 2 & 4 Remakes, Alan Wake, Alien Isolation, Evil Within 1 & 2 and Dead Space Remake. For war games, it depends on what type of gameplay you are looking for: RTS, Turn-based or first person shooter. I personally am a huge Battlefield franchise fan and also play Hell Let Loose from time to time which are bot first person shooter war games. I also like RTS war games like Company of Heroes franchise, Hearts of Iron franchise and Total War games especially Warhammer ones.

  • I really only like to play elderscrolls or racing games, 

  • I love shooters and am thinking of going to playstation.

  • Cool man. I like Resident Evil series XD

  • Reaching out on here is a start but using forums on Steam is a great way to find players. I also use Reddit quite a bit to find like minded players. 

  • Well, what are some of the war and horror games that you play? Depending on what system I end up with, I will join you in playing the next few months. Also feel free to add me here on Lenovo and/or DM me your Steam/Epic names. I will add you once you do that. Cheers! J

  • Welcome to the forum, but sorry I'm not a multiplayer gamer

  • Welcome. What games do you like to play?