Lenovo future products

So it's been 8 years since Lenovo bought Motorola and I feel that gives them the ability to use existing IP to release a competitor to the ROG phones or even the RedMagic Phones. There was a time Motorola was at the top of the industry with cool factor so they clearly have some ideas. What are the odds that Lenovo think outside of the box and use their brand recognition, compatibility with Linux, and existing IP in mobile to release a true open source powered phone (possibly foldable) to compete with even the likes of the Samsung Fold? Clearly they have some ideas with their unfortunately under powered foldable thinkpad.

  • I will love to see a Lenovo computer with the Chinese Tianhe processors, or even RISC-V. I don't know why Lenovo owns Motorola, since phones are nothing to do with computing. I have some computer ideas. Can I give them? Thanks!

  • Legion actually has a released competitor to ROG and similar gaming phones called the Legion Phone Duel Slight smile

  • I can get on board with RISC-V but not sure if anyone stateside would trust a Chinese processor. Not because its Chinese, but because they have not really been tested for endurance and longevity just yet. Takes time to build brand reputation and thus far they have none outside of China. Would be an interesting mashup though to be the first global system maker to partner with the red giant. 

  • totally forgot about that phone... kind of underwhelming though. Too much marketing focused on landscape mode but that's a niche in mobile. Docking to monitor sounds cool but cant speak to its actual execution. I think with the current market you have to provide an ecosystem or some gimmick to lock in a buyer. Think apple with airdrop and iPad copy paste function; even Samsung with their full suite of connectivity with laptops and smart this and that. Legion is coming up but what benefit does a Legion laptop owner get from the Legion phone? They are still independent at best. Remember when Razer teased they would put a dock for the Blade to slot in the Razer phone but backed out? That is something Legion could try to execute. Why connect out to keyboard mouse and monitor and just offer a thinkpad or carbon like chassis with slot for legion phone to turn it fully mobile android macbook hybrid. Wishful thinking I know but sounds interesting. 

  • I hope Lenovo will allow people to give suggestions. That will help the company to stay close to the customers, their most important asset. Lenovo is for the fans, aren't they?