Less FPS on HITMAN 3 on Legion 5 AMD RTX 2060

I recently bought a L5 with RTX 2060 and R7 4800H and as I was playing games I noticed that I just get 40-45 fps on HITMAN 3 while other people online get 80+ FPS with same or lower laptops. Also there are frame drops with games like GTA V. I want to know what I am doing wrong with my laptop/ GPU usage seems to be 99-100 percent but temps seem to be within 70 degrees. Thanks Smiley

  • Make sure you have the correct version directx (12) you can see it when you run in dxdiag. After that, make sure you have the latest drivers from Nvidia. I always use Geforce Experience program that automatically searches and downloads your correct drivers. When you download that make sure you install custom and choose a clean install and choose game ready driver and not studio which is for graphic editors. After that, it should be good if not go to your game's settings and use a benchmark if possible otherwise set the in-game graphics setting so that your fps is the best. (you can't assume that you hear from others what their fps that it's for you too money) it depends of course what kind of system you have one has a much heavier system than the other. an RTX 370 or 380 makes more fps that you can't compare with each other. If you can often set Advanced DLSS in the graphics setting, do so because that really makes a difference. see NVIDIA DLSS 2.0: A Big Leap In AI Rendering | GeForce News | NVIDIA.

    Hope it works for you and have lots of game fun

    Greetings Evert