What alternative Operating System (OS) do you use on your Lenovo PC / laptop / device?

With Microsoft incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into all of its products and services, such as Copilot for Windows, Edge, Bing, Office, Teams, etc. and Generative AI in MS Paint, etc., I'm more concerned than ever about my privacy and Microsoft's ability to track my activities and scrape my content for use as AI training data. I'm trying to find a good alternative to Windows. Unfortunately, some Linux distros are now collecting telemetry and activity from users as well. I like openSUSE (Linux), I dabble with HaikuOS (BeOS continuation), and I'm intrigued with helloSystem (FreeBSD). I want to use an OS I can trust that runs well on Lenovo hardware. Can anybody offer any firsthand alternative OS recommendations?

  • Nothing at the moment.  Interested though.

  • Triangular flag on post Links in case you want to take one of the alternative OS's I mentioned for a test drive...

    Haiku OS  (BeOS GUI / UX on NewOS kernel. 32bit version is BeOS binary compatible)



    https://www.haiku-os.org/get-haiku/r1beta4  (Release 1 Beta 4 is latest stable version)

    https://download.haiku-os.org  (Nightlies with current fixes)

    helloSystem  (MacOS-like GUI / UX running on FreeBSD)



    https://github.com/helloSystem/ISO/releases/tag/r0.8.1  (Release 0.8.1 is latest stable version*)

    https://github.com/helloSystem/ISO/releases  (With experimental builds of next release version)


    * helloSystem stable release cadence has been yearly so far, usually every December, so version 0.9.0 should be available soon.

    openSUSE  (Linux kernel, desktop & server, uses RPM packages)



    https://get.opensuse.org/tumbleweed  (Tumbleweed rolling release**)

    https://get.opensuse.org/leap/15.5  (Leap current stable release with point version updates**)


    ** See 'Download' tab on page