New Legion Laptop Design idea, sound off if you want this made/have other ideas

Always have loved the overall look of Legion laptops over other brands. I figured this would be the best place to hopefully get Lenovo to hear about what my vision for a new Legion Laptop design could be as well as your ideas to add on to/change this design as well.

Main Design: For this design its like a more premium Legion 7, not a Legion 9 tier device so perhaps just "Legion 7i Premium Edition". I have recently commented elsewhere about this design I really want to see, I'll reiterate here with more detail. For the design, the laptop will borrow and combine from already existing Legion designs, not gonna be changing up an already tried and true design too much. The lid of the laptop would be like the Legion 9 lid with the new forged carbon top and mini LED screen. For the chassis, the 2022 Legion 7i chassis and keyboard with its front lighting, keyboard lighting, and vent lighting of course but with the Legion 9 black color for chassis and keyboard deck. Since it has this 2022 Legion chassis, the metal trim on the side of the device would also be darkened to match the color way of the device. Lastly this device is still a Legion 7, so it would be air cooled.

Extra/optional idea for the design: This last note here is just an optional idea I had also posted in the past on a dream laptop post, wouldn't be needed for my proposed laptop design as it'd certainly raise its cost. The idea is to have the majority of the section under the keyboard be the track pad, kind of like a touch screen but it blends in with the rest of the keyboard deck as if its just part of the chassis. Users would be able to customize which section of this they'd want to be the actual mouse pad, and use the other parts of it for many other features that could be customized through software like a calculator, shortcuts, taskbar, volume slider, and whatever else could be implemented into a touch area like this. This probably would just have a white light for the touch screen as I'm not sure how challenging it would be to make it a colored display while still just appearing to be part of the chassis. I had originally posted about this trackpad a while back and was surprised to see a week or so later after I posted it MSI unveiled something just like this on a Raider laptop so I suppose with that in mind this touch screen track pad portion of the idea is at the very least possible to do.

  • I want an easy to customize and upgrade at home design. Modular parts that can be snapped in and out like Lego. Custom RGB keyboard, and removable screen that can be used as a tablet. A device similar to the pencil for drawing or writing in the touchscreen. Build that, and I'll buy it. 

  • I like the slight adjustments to the existing models you have listed. The second part about the large touch pad could be interesting. I heard about MSI’s implementation but I have not read a lot about it yet in use. Interesting and plausible ideas. 

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    Easy to upgrade and customize is a must have. I had Dell and the main components (HD, SSD, memory, battery) were fairly easy to swap out and upgrade.

  • I agree with both, Ben and Jesse, most of these idea's are simple/common sense thing's that will improve it's function. Not only that but you'll have one of the best laptop's on the market, thus, increased sale's... 

  • Good list of tweaks and improvements.  I don't like tough pads as I don't feel like I have good control; And I don't like having to carry a mouse.  SO, I wish there was a better input device than touchpads; One that was still part of the laptop, not a separate device that could be easily lost.   

  • There is no reason you can't develop your own DIY/fabrication skills and build it for yourself custom. A professionally made, off the shelf device may have cleaner and neater edges, but nothing can compare to a one-of-a-kind piece you built from your vision with your own hands. Loaded with sentimental value. Have you made a mockup to help visualize it?

  • I think that this wouls be a successful design and be popular for mid tier budgets and would feel more premium. 

  • I agree with most of the comments.   

  • This sounds really good. Definity want to be able to upgrade. I like Jesses idea of a writable screen. I am a note taker and have little notebooks and paper everywhere. I would love to have this with all of the above.