What gaming laptop should I get from Lenovo?

I’m new to all this and I would get a PC but I sadly don’t have any space for one. Was wondering what kind of gaming laptop I should get? I’d rather have a laptop where I can play casual games but from time to time I can max settings on graphics for certain games as well.

  • If you wanna go more in depth with a reply here of what games you intend to play and what performance you expect for your money/anything else desirable I could give a more precise answer, but for now just in general a Legion Pro 5 or LOQ with RTX 4060 would run any game as well as often times be able to push max settings as well in most more optimized games/some AAA. Those two options would be your best bang for buck in Lenovo's lineup and will be my main answer, the rest here is just considerations. RTX 4050 or 3050 (6gb not the 4gb version) would still do you fine, but I'm initially recommending 4060 here so VRAM is less of a struggle moving forward. At CES Lenovo also unveiled their updated LOQ which looks much cleaner this year in my opinion and may be worth looking into as well in this tier/price of laptops. Lastly, the most premium build quality you can get at this tier is Legion Slim 7 or upcoming Legion 7 gen 9 (non pro version) if metal build and additional features like touch ID matter to you.

  • Legion pro 5 is pretty solid or LOQ if you are on a budget.

  • I would recommend a laptop with a discrete graphics card, at least a GTX 4060 to max out graphics on most games and still have a playable framerate.

  • Something with i7 or ryzen 7, 32gb of ram, and 4070 with 8gb vram

  • Since you're new, one of lenovo's LOQ(budget) laptops would probably be enough for you as well as most casual gamers. I do recommend getting a laptop with at least a rtx 4050, the 3050 is still decent but the 4050 and higher are significantly stronger than it. The rtx 4060 also gives a pretty significant improvement over the 4050, just keep in mind your budget. 
    Going with the LOQ does have a major downside, the displays are all 45 ntsc (narrow color gamut) colors will look washed out and inaccurate. You can always hook up a better monitor to the LOQ so don't just disregard it immediately especially if you already have a nicer monitor lying around. 
    Lenovo's legion series costs more but are generally better, more ports, some have better displays, the displays with 165 hz also have 100% srgb. So if that's important for you, go for one of those, the specs recommendations are the same tho, 4050 or higher. 

    The Cpus of the LOQ or Legion laptops are generally good performers and you should probably go with whatever gives you the best gpu for the lowest price. 

    Forgot to mention: if you buy a laptop with 8 gbs of ram, but another stick of compatible ram, it'll improve your gaming performance dramatically. 

  • You didn't mention budget, so if that's not a concern, just get the Lenovo Legion 9i. That's the next laptop on my list...

  • Without budget or knowing what games you're interested it's hard to give tailored advice. The Legion Pro 5 And LOQ are good value, build quality, and performance. So those are just generically good advice. In terms of searching for a laptop, there's tons of sites that will give you reviews of specific games and benchmarks for performance. If you're just starting out, get something low or mid range. Everything looks good on your first try or an upgrade. You need to establish a baseline understanding to appreciate what you actually care about in terms of performance. 

  • Next on my list too. I got, got when I bought my Pro 7i last year. The 9i was announced a couple of months after my purchase. I like my Pro 7i, but would have rather spent a bit extra and got the 9i.

  • I would recommend any Legion 5 or 5 pro, RTX 4050 or above. You are going to love it and you will be able to run any AAA with decent settings. I bought my first Legion 5 with GTX1660TI couple years ago and I regret nothing, now I have the 5 pro with RTX 4060 and I am amazed with the quality, specs and price.