Official Legion Product Team Poll - HX Processors & Battery Life

Hi everyone!

Today, I have a short poll for you with two questions related to the future development of Legion products. Our Legion Product Management Team has asked for the community's feedback on these topics, so your feedback will be going straight to them! You'll also be able to see how the rest of the community votes after you submit an answer.

Please answer these two quick questions to participate!

  • I have spoken...., aka voted...

  • Entered, hope this helps! 

    I feel like, over the years, I appreciated performance until I realized batteries just die so fast nowadays so I’m def more for optimized battery life till they make removable batteries more common

  • Thanks for giving me a reason to learn the difference between the H and HX processors!

  • Please with the removable batteries…in everything-especially laptops and Dysons!

  • Voted, I almost always use my laptop plugged in so HX it is. If I do unplug I make sure to enable all power saving features to stretch battery life. 

  • Thanks for offering us the opportunity to supply input, Ben!  Thumbsup  I voted in the performance direction, but solutions to dissipate and reduce heat in a laptop can be loud. I'm not sure how much cooler the H series at 45W to turbo 115W runs compared to the HX series at 55W to turbo 157W, but if the fans are always blasting with the HX, the H might be more preferable (unless you incorporate a quieter cooling mechanism like the Legion 9i liquid cooling across the product family to handle the HX). I look forward to see what Lenovo comes out with next  Eyes

  • I'm at the point where the tech is fascinating but I really just want the thing to work right when I want to use it - including battery.