worth getting 4090?

i currently have a legion laptop with a 3080.

i heard the new series of gpu's are coming out later this year or early next year.

is it worth holding on or just getting a last year's model that's discounted with a 4090?

thank you!

  • The 4090 is roughly 50% better than the 3080 TI laptop, not sure how it compares fully against a 3080, but I am pretty sure its about a 60% uplift. 

    Both of those are at 4k, at 1440p its a little less but still within that range, here is a great video from Jarrod'sTech about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZE0zMjl9z0&t=622s .

    Personally I would see what they have coming out in a few months, your 3080 is still very competent, so if you can resist that urge ( we all know too well), you may find an even better deal in a few months.

  • If you need it. Read the 3080 isn’t cutting it for you in some of the newer games you play, then yes.

    if your 3080 is playing your current (and future) games at the settings you want, then wait until it doesn’t.