Should we split out this group into more specific subgroups?


I am currently debating splitting out this discussion group into more specific groups for Legion products - similar to how we have the Legion Go group. This isn't final yet, just an idea, so I'd love your feedback!

Instead of Legion Products, we could have three groups:

  • Legion laptops
  • Legion desktops
  • LOQ 

Reasons for doing this:

  • Our Legion NA Product manager wants to get involved, and specifically wants feedback on our laptop models
  • More specific subgroups help users find the specific products they're interested in
  • These could (maybe) be synced with product purchase pages to let customers see community discussions on each product

Thoughts on this? Or do you have ideas for better structure?
Would it be worth going even further - splitting out to Legion 9, Legion 5, etc etc?

  • I think maybe 2 legion portable, legion stationalry.. ( legion desktop * Legion on the go)

  • Definitely in favor; but it would be cool if you could also see an aggregated display for ALL Legion products. I know that may not be feasible given the website's setup...but it would be nice!

  • How is LOQ different than laptops? I think it makes sense to have the Lenovo Legion Go (ultraportable) in a separate category.

  • LOQ is both laptops and desktops; they could be added to those categories potentially 

  • It makes sense in case people need help with specific products, but I do think LOQ in its own category seems a little redundant. 

  • I think it could work, but alternatively it may be better to improve or alter the search function for tags or to search by tags, and tag the appropriate computer or laptop. 

    Depends on how many topics come up for each product and if you think there is a frequent enough Amount of posts to separate them and they still look busy as groups. Imo you want a good balance of topic but also frequency in order to keep ppl interested and still functional. 

  • I think is a great idea, it will be easier to post or get information that way!

  • I agree with this. It's great to have subsets, but finding information quickly will still be best completed by having tags and inputting the models.

  • Seconded on the tags functionality. That makes it far easier to filter and search than subsets. I would imagine it's a wash on the amount of required shuffling posts to the right threads versus forcing the correct use of tags, but that's something you guys should have better data on.

  • I appreciate that you're seeking feedback on this and would agree with a previous comment suggesting two categories: on the go (laptops and Go) and stationary (desktops).