What are everyone's favorite games on their phones? 

  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 2!

  • I stick with obscure indie games like Skipmore

  • I don't like to play games on mobile in free time I would like to edit my photos and Videos and for that purpose I used renderforest mod apk.....

  • My favorite game right now is Civ 6!

  • calll of duty mobile 

  • I like playing this game called 2048. It's a tile math game that's a nice little mind game. You just have to keep adding matching tiles (2 slides into 2 and becomes 4, 4 slides into 4 to become 8, etc). Nice little quick distraction trying to reach a high score.

  • does steam link count? lmao

  • Mobile Legends is pretty fun moba on mobile

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, I know it's kind of old but I like it!