Dedicated Gaming Phone?

Would you ever consider getting a dedicated gaming phone as your daily driver?

  • For me personally I'm the type that's about as far away as you can get from that as a gamer. I don't particularly care for playing games on a phone and never really have, for multiple reasons. Screen is too small, questionable audio fidelity, I hate touch screen controls for a lot of game types (though it's fine for some), and to me it just generally feels like a downgraded or dumbed-down experience compared to a traditional console or PC one. And that's before even taking into account games that have had their design compromised by just trying to nickel and dime you to death with microtransactions, which is rampant in mobile market. Additionally, I also don't like the idea of draining the battery on a phone via a higher demand application like gaming and then not having enough juice to make/receive calls and/or browse/research something whenever I need. For me those are far more important use cases for such a device. Consequently, as far as gaming goes I'd much rather have a dedicated handheld or console/PC.

  • I don't think I ever consider a dedicated gaming phone for daily usage. As far as gaming goes I don't play many games on my phone that much besides a few minutes or so at random times. But, If I did play more games on a phone or on the go I would probably invest in a more powerful handheld like a Legion Go or the like!