Best phone for mobile gaming?

What Android/iOS phone would be the best for mobile games?

  • I think a few companies make game-specific Android phones with better cooling systems than general phones - they usually offer a fan attachments as well. Acer Predator Phone, ASUS ROG Phone, Razer Phone, and Nubia RedMagic Phone models initially come to mind. I'll double-check.

    I see the Razer Phone has been cancelled / discontinued.

    'Seems Acer ended its gaming phone too.

    It appears the companies that pulled out of the gaming phone market, including Lenovo, are now focused on non-phone gaming handheld devices.

    Razer Edge

    Lenovo Legion Go

    Acer supposedly has a gaming handheld device in the works (TBD)

    ASUS ROG Ally (ASUS still makes both gaming phones and handhelds)

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max. Their GPU is really powerful.