New Handhelds

Who do you have your money on, Steam Deck or the Razer edge?

  • Steam Deck. Awesome handheld PC, and it even has it's own Desktop feature if u ever wanna hook up a mouse and keyboard to it. The Deck has several more good factors to it's good quality. Well worth the money.

  • If you would have asked my just from knowing who developed it, I would say RAZER all day but apparently The Steam Deck has been in development for a long time and steam wouldn't release it until it was nearly flawless. I was a huge razer fan until i saw the legion laptops in action.

  • For how I play, I have to go with the steam deck. The android functionality of the razer is compelling, but native running steam games without needing to have a computer also to stream from its a deal breaker

  • Steam Deck is better, but Razer does have the ability to stream games on the go. 

  • Steam deck and its not even close IMO. They have too much market share already.

  • Between those two, the Steam Deck. And while I think it's a cool piece of tech I don't know if I'm interested enough in it to actually buy one, despite the value proposition. The quite limited battery life and just the sheer size and bulk of it are significant issues enough for me to where I think I'd rather stick with a Nintendo 3DS or Switch for any kind of portable gaming and just continue to build a traditional system as usual for PC gaming. Maybe if Valve can iterate on, refine, and improve upon the current Steam Deck's shortcomings it would make me strongly reconsider.

  • Definitely the Steam Deck.  Seems a lot more powerful and more flexible.  I would get one, but I don't think my usage would be enough to justify the expense.

  • If I had enough money saved, I would buy a Steam Deck because it looks like a nice-looking handheld PC I would use at my university. Also, I have many Steam games, which gives me another reason to get Steam Deck.