What Are Your Favorite Mobile Games?

What are your favorite mobile games to play right now?

I'm looking for more mobile games to pick up for when I can't be at my PC. Looking for games that are great to play long-term, but don't require a ton of focus to play.

What would you recommend? 

  • Raid Shadow Legends.

    Also, I'm doing a sponsorship with another game they created called Vikings: War of Clans. The game is similar to AOE/Risk but a bit slower. If you guys want to try it out and help me at the same time, download it here: https://strms.net/vikings_jdilla and complete the tutorial, just need 5 more people to do it!

  • The 3 games in my rotation are the following, but keep in mind like any free mobile games, its p2w if you want to advance at any decent speed.

    Soul Knight


    Idle Heroes (cause life says you need at least one idle game)

  • I really like Disc Golf Valley. It's completely free-to-play with no microtransactions. It's just a guy's passion project but has a ton of depth for just being disc golf.

  • I got addicted to Archero for a while haha

  • Oh man, with how little free time I have, mobile gaming is about all I get time for anymore. My main three are:

    Hearthstone - Weekly Tavern Brawls against my wife, but only when they have random decks. We don't MAKE our decks. What do you think we are, gamers??

    Slay the Spire - Brutal deck-building Roguelike. Wicked hard. When you don't have the cards, you don't have the cards. 

    Kingdom: Two Crowns - Pixel-art tower-defense-y side scroller? Something like that. Beautiful game and lots to explore. 

  • I never have room on my phone for Hearthstone lol, I just play on the desktop

  • Ha, yeah. 2gig is a lot

  • I'm not really into deck-building games and I tried playing Slay the Spire.

    It uhhh... it did not go well.

  • It’s deceptively tough. 

  • Does Genshin Impact count even though I play on PC? lol

    Other than that I actually still play PokemonGO since I've been walking every weekend now.