What Are Your Favorite Mobile Games?

What are your favorite mobile games to play right now?

I'm looking for more mobile games to pick up for when I can't be at my PC. Looking for games that are great to play long-term, but don't require a ton of focus to play.

What would you recommend? 

  • Pokémon GO counts!

  • I use to be really into Archero. right now I would say Deemo is my favorite, actually, it always has been. xD

  • Is that still around? I swear it's older than I am at this point.

  • No I dont believe so but in 2005 that was everyones jam. 

  • lmao.... i have been playing a mobile game called Gumballs and Dungeons for a few years now. I am still enjoying it quite a bit. I am shocked at how long it is too.

  • Looks like I spoke a bit too soon. The guy who makes the game recently sold it to a disc manufacturer and takes a salary from them to maintain the game. They have added a "cash shop" where you can just buy discs instead of earning them and also use real money to give yourself more options.

    I am sad to say the game is now kind of pay-to-win and that's upsetting for me.

  • I think I just remember playing it on Facebook, not the phone lol

  • I have been super addicted to Raid: Shadow Legends. Have been playing for a couple years now and still having fun!

  • I occasionally play slay the spire or some random rhythm games like Deemo or Muse Dash.