What Are Your Favorite Mobile Games?

What are your favorite mobile games to play right now?

I'm looking for more mobile games to pick up for when I can't be at my PC. Looking for games that are great to play long-term, but don't require a ton of focus to play.

What would you recommend? 

  • Pokémon GO counts!

  • I use to be really into Archero. right now I would say Deemo is my favorite, actually, it always has been. xD

  • Is that still around? I swear it's older than I am at this point.

  • No I dont believe so but in 2005 that was everyones jam. 

  • lmao.... i have been playing a mobile game called Gumballs and Dungeons for a few years now. I am still enjoying it quite a bit. I am shocked at how long it is too.

  • Looks like I spoke a bit too soon. The guy who makes the game recently sold it to a disc manufacturer and takes a salary from them to maintain the game. They have added a "cash shop" where you can just buy discs instead of earning them and also use real money to give yourself more options.

    I am sad to say the game is now kind of pay-to-win and that's upsetting for me.

  • I think I just remember playing it on Facebook, not the phone lol

  • I have been super addicted to Raid: Shadow Legends. Have been playing for a couple years now and still having fun!

  • Jetpack Joryride. Maybe you have played it or heard about it. Is one of the most antique endless runner games. 

    The game is about to advance as much as you can running in a laboratory. In the process you have a jetpack that helps you move around, dodge missiles, zappers and lasers, as well as collect coins. You can upgrade your vehicle, complete missions, equip yourself with gadgets, change your look and compete with your friends. It is a fun game that requires only one finger and is played with the horizontal screen. I used to play in waiting rooms and in lines that were too long for my impatient young little brain. The only downside is that now it contains ads.

    I have love-hate relashioship with ads because I know they are there to keep the game free, but that doesn't make them less annoying.