What Are Your Favorite Mobile Games?

What are your favorite mobile games to play right now?

I'm looking for more mobile games to pick up for when I can't be at my PC. Looking for games that are great to play long-term, but don't require a ton of focus to play.

What would you recommend? 

  • DeckEleven's Railroads 2 is a really great casual strategy game if you're looking for one 


  • I used to play Clash of Clans a lot every day. But lately, it's been tedious and it gets tough to 3 start opponents in Th15. I'm also looking for alternatives since there aren't many quality mobiles games out (compared to other platforms)

  • Dont judge, i like roblox! like you mentioned doesn't require that much focus and still can be entertaining. i used to play clash of clans and COD but that's a bigger time investment.

  • Right now im digging deep into some old PS1 on my phone with Final Fantasy WOTL, but i enjoy Summoners War and and Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. Kind of a geek over here. 

  • Love Simon's Cat. Simple graphics, cute and funny. Enjoyable to pass time when need to.

  • It's a casual game, but I've been playing Bingo Blitz. You can access your account and play on both mobile and PC.

  • If you like soccer, eFootball.