Are Google Pixels Good for Gaming?

Which budget model has the best processor?

  • I had a google pixel 2 and currently using a google pixel 6. Pixel 2 was cute and nice phone but pixel 6 is... well, it's not really good phone in my opinion. It has lots of unexpected errors and glitches. Mind you that it's not the newest or the most savvy pixel phone out there but you get the point right? I don't really play lots of mobile games but if it is something that will be heavy on my phone, then I wouldn't even try it on my phone b/c of all the havoc it will cause 

  • Google pixels aren't really heavy gaming phones. If you are looking for a phone meant for gaming then you are better off looking at an ROG phone or a Samsung Galaxy. 

  • Pixel is more on the weaker side of specs. Iphone SE would do fine, on the android side the samsung galaxy would do much better than google pixel. Red Magic gaming phones and ROG phones are top performers. Maybe some time we’ll see a refresh of the Legion phone? 

  • You'll get a bit more performance squeezed out of some of the "gaming" phones with more ram and certain optimizations and active cooling in some. But it isn't a fundamentally different thing. Games aren't designed to run on only those types of devices; they're designed for mass market adoption. So while you may get a few more frames or cooler hands, it doesn't really matter. A pixel is fine.

  • When i had the 6 pro it was really good at playing games, i think the the newer ones can run most games at high frames.

  • Not really, opt for a top-tier Galaxy.