Will mobile gaming outpace PC and console gaming in profit in the near future?

Right now mobile gaming revenue doubles every year.  When do you think mobile gaming will outpace PC and Console gaming?

  • In fact, the game on the mobile side has surpassed the PC side

  • I thought mobile revenue had out paced PC gaming for many years

  • So mobile gaming only revenue stream is the "remove ads" thing ? or am I missing something ?

  • In term of pace, mobile gaming has already outpaced the other 2

  • maybe  yes but the mobile gaming as we know it now will be different 

  • According to statista (https://www.statista.com/statistics/292751/mobile-gaming-revenue-worldwide-device/#:~:text=In%202022%2C%20mobile%20games%20are,U.S.%20dollars%20in%20global%20revenue.)

    In 2022, mobile games are projected to generate approximately 92.2 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue, accounting for 50 percent of the global gaming market during the measured period. Console games were ranked second with 51.8 billion U.S. dollars in global revenue.

  • Lol mobile gaming has pass pc/console revenue by 15 years or so. plebs.

  • It will probably out pace PC and console gaming soon as people's attention space start to get shorter and shorter.

  • Probably since almost everyone has a cellphone, but may not own a PC or console.