What mobile games are you currently playing?

I'm always curious what games people are hooked on. I'm currently playing Octopath Traveller Champions of the Continent and Another Eden. I love RPGs and I love that both of these have stories you can take at your own pace so I don't feel obligated to log in multiple times every day to keep up.

  • I  have been playing solitaire. I have seen the ones that you have played at a glance. I want to play.

  • I play Mario Run daily... mainly because Nintendo gives you credits towards merchandise if you are part of My Nintendo. Other that that, I game on my consoles, handhelds and PC exclusively.

  • I'm currently playing this 8 pixel football game called retro bowl lol.

  • My friend just got me hooked on COD Mobile. I had no idea mobile games were at this level until now. 

  • I'll have to look into Mario Run, I'm a sucker for free credits!

  • I guess it would be considered more cross platform, but old school Runescape has to be hands down my favorite "mobile" game. Been playing since 06, and the fact that i can pop in on my phone whenever i want is just really nice. Typical RPG in the sense that you have some daily tasks that further your progression with the consistency, and on busier days its nice to just log right in off my phone. Definitely a grind, but its such a blast & so much nostalgia.

  • Currently a lot of COD mobile and Clash royale 

  • I've always been a fan of Soul Knight.

    It's a rougelike style game that keeps getting new content, even though it has been out for like 6 years.

  • Hopped off the Mario Kart grind when Rocket League Sideswipe came out, feel like a little kid on an ipad its just too fun

  • Most of my commute has a garbage internet connection (thanks NIMBYS) so I play a fair amount of solitaire and as lame as it sounds, angry birds.  I'm rocking a pixel 2, so my game universe is kinda small these days too.