What mobile games are you currently playing?

I'm always curious what games people are hooked on. I'm currently playing Octopath Traveller Champions of the Continent and Another Eden. I love RPGs and I love that both of these have stories you can take at your own pace so I don't feel obligated to log in multiple times every day to keep up.

  • That's so cool you can play on both your PC and your phone. Definitely get the daily grind, I "have" to play my 2 games every day since some stuff resets. I love and I hate it lol.

  • Currently not playing any mobile game

  • Primarily just Marvel Snap. Its actually a lot better than I expected. Not a bad monetization model, and games are pretty short which is great for jumping in and out without having to dedicate a lot of time to it. Its not as complex as hearthstone, but the rotation of locations makes even the worst decks viable at times. 

  • I've been pretty into a mobile racing game called Tuning Club Online recently. It's a pretty fun arcade car game.

  • I really enjoy the battle royale (not typically a fan of it) mecha champion. Though you need to set aside some time to play because the battles tend to take a while. 

  • picked up mario run on the mario day sale or whatever, its been fun

  • I was planning on playing some visual noble games like Yotsume God and I was playing bit of Alice Spiritual Judge but I didn't want to play it on English especially after I heard that they have them in my native language. Well, I'm in US so can't get access to that version right now.