Does Apple authorised repair centre reapply the “IP68” rating fully, after changing battery?

I am thinking to buy a refurbished iPhone 13 Pro from an Apple authorised service provider (I live in Portugal and there is no Apple Store). They said, the battery of the refurbished unit will be at 90 to 93 percent. After buying the refurbished iPhone, I will pay them extra 80 euro to change the battery to a new battery (they said all their parts in the phone are original Apple parts, and the new battery will also be original.

I checked Apple website and saw their store name (it’s called FNAC) in the Apple authorised service provider list in Portugal.

We know that when we buy a “brand new” iPhone 13 Pro, it comes with IP68 water and dust resistant feature.

But, will the refurbished iPhone 13 Pro from that store have the “full IP68 protection” ? (They said- their refurbished units have the IP68 protection)

Apple puts the IP68 protection via adhesive glue around the screen, different kinds of gaskets and other things.

My question is, will the refurbished iPhone 13 Pro from the “Apple authorised service provider” store (in Portugal ) have the EXACT SAME ip68 condition like a brand new iPhone 13 Pro?