I broke my wrist a little while ago, was a huge pc gamer but I can't hold my mouse long enough to get through a whole match of League of Legends anymore. Can't really play any of my pc games for any extensive time periods. So I've switched to mobile games but I'm really unsure what to play. Anything that requires to much thumb movement messes me up.

  • I have been playing Marvel SNAP which should be to demand on your wrist to play. I am a huge Marvel fan and have played or at least tried most of the Marvel mobile games. Once you catch on to the gameplay mechanics it is pretty fun. It is a collectible card game but has its own unique twists and style It's worth giving a shot to see if you'll enjoy it.

  • Teamfight Tactics isn't too bad. And you have breaks where you're prepping your board, so not a lot of clicking involved. 

  • Platformers would probably be playable since you usually just use WASD + spacebar to jump.

  • I second marvel snap since its a card game with a easy barrier to entry and fair monetization. Overall a fun game. One option is to use an xbox controller to play games but map buttons to one side so you can play one handed. 

  • Raid shadow legends is pretty easy to play and has an enjoyable gameplay loop. As long as you do not care about PVP or leaderboards you can enjoy the game without using any real-world money. 

  • Have you try using controllers, even though it sound worst it might be easy, you never know if you don't try. 

  • Try Shattered Pixel Dungeon.   It is free on Android (not sure about iOS).  It is a retro dungeon crawler designed for you to die with no do-overs.   

  • Sorry to hear about your wrist, KeruSaint! I've got just the game for you - Hearthstone. It's this cool digital card game made by Blizzard, the same crew behind World of Warcraft. Hearthstone is about building your deck of cards and outsmarting your opponent using a number of strategies. It's turn-based, so you don't need to rush too much. No fancy thumb movements needed, take your time. It has a Solo Adventure mode that teaches you the ropes. Best of luck!

  • How about Plants Vs Zombies?