Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch in 2023?

What would you get for mobile gaming 2023? The Steam Deck which offers more performance and better comfort but has a shorter battery life and isn't designed for portable multiplayer. The Switch has Nintendo's selection of exclusive games, detachable controllers, and is easier for casual gamers. I'm leaning more towards the Steam Deck as my secondary gaming device since it can emulate Switch games but I would like to see what you all think.

  • If I could get one I would say Steam Deck or similarly ROG Ally. I did get a Switch a while back but kind of regret it, the only games I really see worth getting on the Switch are Nintendo titles, which for me ended up being Smash Ultimate and Mario Kart 8. With a Windows based handheld I would have far more options to take with me on the go and with better graphics at that. Another reason on top of this is the online subscription for Switch, it doesn't make much sense for me right now to continue renewing online for Switch especially considering it is only for 2 games on there. It goes without saying that there is more utility on windows handhelds as well. 

  • I'd like to try the Switch!

  • I would go Steam Deck or ROG Ally or something, there are several. Not a huge fan of consoles in general. I bought my girlfriend a Switch - she loves it. Just not for me.

  • I would go with the Steam deck or ROG Ally if you are just gonna use an emulator for switch games. You also have a wider selection of games since you can also use game pass and ps cloud streaming. 

  • Steam Deck. Nintendo games are too expensive 

  • It sounds like we are going to get a switch 2 right now, so I might wait a bit if you can...

  • i like STEAM DECK more..

  • The Steam Deck is a more powerful device, offering the capability to run PC games and emulators, which provides a wider range of gaming options. If you're interested in playing demanding games or PC titles, the Steam Deck's performance advantage may be appealing.

  • Really depends on the type of games you like. They don’t seem to port most of the bigger size, higher graphics, newer games to switch. If you go that route make sure you like the brand or playing coop as most the games target that audience. The biggest games that come to mind are Zelda, Mario Cart/Party, and Turn-based RPGs. There are a few exceptions like Witcher 3 but one of the best FPS is a remake of Metroid Prime. Tons of remakes of older games but the Nintendo store has very few deals for quality games, especially when you compare it to stream - and adding a 1tb mini-disk is almost a necessity. The battery life also goes down if you attach upgraded controllers (which is also a must imo). The steam deck has a lot more options when it comes to high end games but, like you said, at the expense of battery life. Given that you can plug either in almost anywhere now. Even cars now come with usb charging ports, especially anywhere that you expect WiFi for multiplayer, the battery life isn’t going to be as much of a problem as you think. The games can also be played on your laptop or desktop when at home which is a huge bonus. Your library of multiplayer games is going to be much better with steam but your library of proprietary, single or coop games will be better for Switch. Unless you’re looking for that Zelda or Mario, kid friendly appeal, the choice is pretty easy… the Steam Deck for sure. Better, cheaper games, newer game releases in general makes up for the lack of battery life and like I said, if your goal is multiplayer a plug will just be feet away from you anywhere you expect good reception/WiFi. GL.

  • I would go with a something like an AYANEO or the ROG Ally. I'd rather a portable windows device for gaming than just a strictly portable gaming console since the option is available. You can get more or less the same that you would from a Steamdeck and unless you exclusively want to play Nintendo games, the Switch sits apart.