Playing Games for Money

Does anyone play games on your mobile for cash?  I tried out a few of the obvious ones and they really got boring after a week of playing all of the available games.    Has anyone tried to get paid for playing the Samsung Solitare game?   Just found out about it.

  • I've read a lot of reviews about those and most people seem to say that you can never get a good payout, it's always little stuff, like $5 and then the games just seem to keep taunting you with higher amounts. I have been playing games for contest entries, however, and I've won quite a few things that way.

  • Isn't the solitaire like a gambling one?

  • Seems like an interesting concept but common sense would tell me the payouts would be minuscule, the amount of time needed to reach payout would be ridiculous, and the game itself wouldn't be any fun.

  • Pretty much refuse to try these because it's tough to see them as legitimate. I'd love to get paid to play, but it would have to be a game that I actually WANT to spend time with.

  • It's very tedious and frankly not worth the time and effort for the little amount of payout you get.  That's just my opinion but it seems a lot of other people think similar here.

  • I haven't tried them yet, but they seem not worth it.

  • I haven’t tried, doesn’t seem worthwhile

  • i have not tried yet.

  • I haven't tried them and am very skeptical.  Are they legit?

  • Not a huge fan of it. Overall seems like anytime they add in making money it takes the fun out of it, and if they try to do so with crypto, your earnings are eaten away by transaction fees, and subject to market fluctuations. I'd rather something I enjoy over making a few pennies.