Could we ever see phones have mini versions of desktop GPU's like laptops do nowadays?

As the title says, we've all seen how powerful the new flagship phones wre getting, as well as the components in them and how capable they are of handling a loot of things, like heavy gaming, high quality video streaming, etc. And with all of these new fast processors and got me thinking since I've heard samsnung has its processor made for its OS a little specifically(which gives it slight more processor speed from what it seems), and well apple has the bionic chip, and so I wonder how much time will pass until we see a mini version of a desktop GPU inside a mobile phone. I know it sounds crazy but..I think maybe in a decade we might be able to see one in action. What do you guys think?

  • I think, just based on battery life considerations, that we are unlikely to have desktop GPUs on mobile. That said, current mobile GPUs are plenty strong! I think the bigger issue is that current market dynamics disfavor in-depth games on mobile.

  • Yes old versions of windows can be emulated in a phone.

  • Definitely not worth it for the hit on battery. Also, there's much less need for powerful graphics since the current chipsets are more than capable. iphones have it best with their integrated chipsets in terms of graphics to power consumption ratio

  • Microsoft was trying to do that and they actually got pretty close with their last Nokia Lumia, but people just did not care. I hope this comes back, because I would really support it!

  • Maybe with modular phones if that ever becomes a thing. (Saw prototypes a few years back.  Not sure if anything actually happened with them.)

  • Pretty soon.  Everything gets smaller and smaller

  • I think the battery life is the limiting factor. Also the heat load would also be a problem.

  • I'm not going to say it's not p;ossible, but I don't think I'll see anything like that in my lifetime. I would imagine if it were possible, the price would be out of reach for most of us. Probably would be glitchy as heck as well. More something for show than really usable.

  • GPU built into the Flagship Phones is better than the External GPU's in PC's 6 or 8 years ago.   With the small screen size of a phone, the benefit of higher pixels goes away, and you don't need as fast a GPU.   The GAMING SPECIFIC Phones do pretty well with a lot of games now.   If there was a need and big enough market, you could see dedicated GPU's outside of the SOC.

  • I would guess not, primarily for power consumption, but also because I don't think it's necessary or desired from a market standpoint. Not enough people would invest in it to make the R&D worthwhile. Maybe we'll see some type of similar but appropriately sized/powered technology in the future?