Word Games

What are your favorite word games or puzzles?

  • Wordle and scrabble for playing with friends. Scrabble has withstood the test of time .

  • Wordle is my favorite.

  • Wordle on the App Store is the best in my opinion. If you have friends, you can do multiplayer. I would recommend for all ages.

  • Have not heard of knot words. I will look into that.

  • words with friends is ok

  • Wordscapes and Wordle.  Used to play a word puzzle app called bookworm(?).  Not sure if it’s still around but that was great.  Words with friends WAS fun until you find out people are cheating.

  • Bananagrams is fun if you've got a group in person.  Wordle has been fun for bragging within the family

  • I am more of a sudoku kind of person. But thinking to get into word games to expand vocabulary. Thanks for the suggestions.