Word Games

What are your favorite word games or puzzles?

  • Wordle is nice. Bananagrams is a fun tabletop game.

  • Bananagrams is a great tabletop word game for a group!

    On mobile, I’ve been playing a bit of KnotWords. It’s like sudoku meets crosswords. Interesting, but wow it gets pretty hard

  • My wife and I play wordle. Nice because it's only once a day and everyone gets the same word, although I have friends who play a generic version that you can play all day.

  • Honeycomb is pretty fun on iOS and Android. You build words using letter on a hex grid like a honeycomb. My wife and I used to LOVE iAssociate but the released a sequel with ads that was annoying if I remember correctly. 

  • Wordle is good still.

  • Wordle and words with friends

  • Good question. I'm curious too.