Good paying survey sites?

Does anyone know of any really good paying survey sites or apps?

  • isn't what I would call "good paying" but it has things that aren't surveys that are, IMO, easier and better than doing all the surveys. It has a "clicks" part where you just click their link and you have to keep the page it linked to you open for some amount of time, usually less than a minute some even as short as five seconds. These don't give much credit, but they add up and you can do things on another tab, I do them while watching YouTube videos. There are also "tasks" that usually consist of, going to some site for an amount of time, clicking an ad or two, then screenshotting your browsing history for proof, but there are other things, too. These pay a little more, but some have weird instructions, and some are really strict with how close you follow the directions for proof. My "conspiracy theory" on these is that the people who are paying for these pretend they don't speak English well while writing the instructions so they can refuse your payment when you mess something up. You can dispute them, but I've never tried, I figure I wasted enough time and move on.

    As for money, I don't know if it's worth it, I just do it while I'm doing something else and let it add up so I can get a video game from time to time. I'm sure you can get the money yourself, but you will have to check for yourself, as my credits just go to the site I'm getting games from. They do have surveys that pay a LOT more than the things I do, but even though I know that my info is all over the place anyway, I don't like doing them, but lots of people do so they're there if you want. Good luck.

  • how much have you made?

  • how much have you made?

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