Earn 1,750,000 gold coins and elixir in Clash of Clans⚔︎

Hello Everyone Wave

Clash of Clans, in cooperation with chess.com, announced the opportunity to win one million seven hundred and fifty thousand gold coins and elixirs. All you have to do is open the following link:

Codemate - Clash x Chess.com (supercell.com)

Solve the problems and then receive the prize Eyes

  • Wow, this is great! Thanks for posting this.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks for the heads up, gives me a reason to download the game and start supplying troops for raids again lol

  • Thank you for posting this.  I did this.  Can't wait to play.

  • Cool, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Thanks. Haven't played. Might look into it. 

  • Cool!  Thanks.  Too bad it's not real gold coins!  LOL

  • Thanks for the post!