AAA Games on iPhone 15

Apple announced that Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage are all coming to iPhone 15 as native apps with ray tracing support. You can attach a Backbone controller to use the phone as a portable console, or if you want you can plug the phone into a TV and use a PS5 or Xbox controller to play the game.

It remains to be seen how well the games perform, but this seems like a pretty big moment for mobile. What do you think? If more AAA games came to iPhone, would you use it as a portable console?

  • Streaming services like Geforce Now lets you already play AAA games on your phone. However, I do wonder how Apple will get these to work. Will it play directly from their hardware or will you play these titles through their own streaming service? 

  • According to Apple, the new iphone 15 is gonna be capable of running games that are ported from the PS4 and down scaled in resolution via hardware. They also say though that their new Apple chips for phones have ray tracing capability for gaming which is the part I am real skeptical about. The iphone 14 was running mobile games with a 120 fps option but would get too hot in mere minutes and go down to 40fps, some games even did this when set to 60fps. We'll have to wait and see how valid their claims are. So far they did show Resident Evil Village running at 30 fps 720p no ray tracing. 

  • I'd echo Ernst F. 's skepticism on graphics. And I wonder about mobile connection to play the games. Certainly a service for good coverage areas. 

  • Not needed pc gaming is taking over and with social media. No one wants to play games anymore. They are more worried about what everyone else is doing in the world watching made up videos

  • I too wonder just how many games we will get that will play well and have a good control scheme on the iPhone 15 or if this is just going to turn into apple making their own "controller dock" for the iPhone 15/15 Pro.
    If some of the MMORPGs came to mobile, I would totally do casual content on them. 

  • it's likely to appeal to a wide range of players who want to enjoy console-quality games on the go

  • I'm skeptical on this one, but hopeful that we get some great games for the 15/15 pro. If we can get to a point of bringing some pc gaming over in some kind of translation layer, that would be freaking awesome as I have yet to find a cellular data service that is fast enough to do game streaming, whether it's steam or Playstation, it's never fast enough...

  • Will try and decide

  • My son will be so excited about this!

  • I dont think it will have many AAA its additional cost for game development