Your Phone

Which phone do you guys currently own? I have a Note 20 Ultra.

  • My daily driver is a S22 Ultra :) 

  • I use a Moto G Power and a Moto G Pure. Pure was very cheap at the time ($30). Just as good though. Maybe a little less memory.

  • I have an iPhone XR that my parents passed down to me. Every single phone I've gotten is just a hand-me-down from them lol.

  • I have Samsung galaxy s23 ultra and a moto g stylus 5g and i love them both Slight smile

  • Google Pixel phones for the camera

  • Motorola G Stylus (2020). It was cheap, and now it is old. Still works fine though for what I want it to. 

  • iPhone 13, the software bugs I was having when I first got it have also been fixed so pretty smooth daily driver now. Just wish they could find a way to remove the notch for a true full screen.

  • Had a iphone 14 and pixel 6 pro but i gave the iphone to my brother when his broke.  So i am using the pixel 6 pro right now.