what smartphone do you want?


  • I'd want Lenovo to refresh their Legion Phone. This device pretty much has all the features I'd want changed on main stream phones. The old model has an internal fan so the phone can actually tap into the power it has and utilize a high refresh screen. The issue with phones like the iPhone is while yes they advance a lot in performance, they lose that from overheating. There's also no notch covering part of the phone screen with a retractable camera instead giving a real full screen experience, and the phone is more controllable performance wise with a software command center. If Apple adopted these changes (and a headphone jack) into their iPhone I would likely choose that since I am used to IOS. 

  • I think I hit an age where I don't care about what phone I have for personal use. As long as I can call, text, and use Safari without having performance issues I am fine. I'll grab whatever phone is on sale on Lenovo and call it a day. 

  • I've always wanted an Xperia because I just thought it was cool but now I want the ROG phones. 

  • iPhone because of Ios it so user friendly

  • i used to be android user but i switch to iphone no regrets

  • I think the iPhone has downgraded a tiny bit, so I would be open to getting a Samsung or Lenovo phone.

  • iPhone 15 so I can finally ditch lightning and still keep my apple continuity

  • I just got the Samsung Z Fold 5 and am unboxing today.

  • One with an nfc chip preferably