Announcing our first Legion Phone - the Legion Duel!

Earlier this year, we announced the first-ever Legion phone, dubbed the Legion Duel.

You can see the full announcement at this link.

Although this product is only available in select countries, we want your feedback!

What are your thoughts on the design and features of the Legion Duel?

  • Need it in the US and let me test it out!

  • I agree! I seen this on Asian Legion of Champions site and was quite excited. Would love to see this grow :)

  • Ummmm can I have this now please? :)

  • Definitely send a crate of them to us Legion Founders so we can get the word out!

  • We don't have any plans this year to bring it in but there's been talk next year after holiday to get it onto the site

  • Very cool design for both gaming and streaming! To bad it's not available in the US. If you didn't see FWiz's tweet a couple weeks ago ( mobile gaming/esports is huge, despite what DrDisrespect says Wink It's still small in the US but Verizon and other networks are starting to make moves to promote it along with 5G. 

  • I think its amazing! If its anything like my Legion laptop then it is going to be one sweet phone!! you should send me one to do a review on?? That would be amazing too !! ;) 

  • Looks pretty cool and well thought out. In a future version, it would be cool to have a clip on case to let it wirelessly charge while playing too maybe for people who don't mind extra bulk.