Will mobile gaming ever be considered on the same level as console or PC gaming?

I really wonder if there will come a time when the best players of a mobile game will be as good as or better than the best players on console or PC in the same game. I would like to see a massive tournament featuring an equal number of the top talents from each respective platform competing against each other in a game to see the final average ranking of each platform.

  • I really don't see that happening. When people think of mobile games, Candy Crush and Angry Birds are likely the things that come to mind, not the fully fleshed out offerings that are available today. And frankly, it's more comfortable, visually appealing, and customizable to play on PC or console vs mobile. Maybe that will change as cloud gaming becomes more accessible and mainstream, but time will tell on that. 

  • It'll never be on the same level but it's definitely expanding.

  • I think the next big step is going to be more of a larger companion piece or alternative method when away from your computer. Like take Genshin Impact for example, it's super convenient to be able to login and do your daily check-in stuff, but I still won't really play on my phone since it's just awkward/difficult for me.

    But I think there is definitely opportunities there for other franchises, being able to seamlessly login to your profile from multiple devices and retain your progress/save is amazing!

  • I definitely can't see phones every reaching a point where the hardware is as capable as a PC but not every game will need crazy spect to function 100%. Take everyone's favorite game Fortnite for example, I'd like to see the top 150 from each platform all compete in a tournament together.

  • The only way it will become even remotely comparable is with cloud gaming. Since cloud gaming isn't hardware dependent a phone would technically be viable, but I don't think many people want to consistently play on a small phone screen for games like Apex, Call of Duty, etc.

  • You're definitely right. My biggest hurdle is no tactile response when pressing buttons on the screen. At least bluetooth controllers are possible for mobile.

  • In all honesty with the addition of Stadia and other cloud game services... Can one make the argument that it is almost there if not there already?

    I just played Red Dead redemption 2 on my phone last night through my stadia

  • more people are mobile gamers than PC gamers, but for the most part the mobile gaming community is for small scale repetitive action style games. As technology advances though who knows. 

  • Not at all, even Among Us on the phone has been trouble for a lot of people, can't even do the maze task lol

  • This is actually a true observation. The mobile gaming market is different and shares many users with the traditional market. However, most mobile games are designed to be time wasters and not immersive experiences.