Will Apple's addition of RCS messaging support change how you decide to buy a phone

RCS announcement for those who are unfamiliar: 9to5mac.com/.../

  • I think people that worry about what color their message bubbles are need a reality check into the more important issues currently happening.

    I also think that Apple fighting back against the USB-C requirement by only making their most expensive phone be on the latest (at the time) standard for USB-C is horrible.

    People like what they like which is fine, but everything has an audience and I hope more people learn to make informed decisions on the tech they're daily driving whether that's iOS, Android, or another device.

  • Interesting they're finally willing to participate

  • Never cared in the first place.

  • I have no interest in an iPhone.

  • It won’t have any impact on what next phone I may pick at some point in the future. It is good they are implementing this though as it should improve the quality especially of large files sent from an iphone to an android which is a problem I’ve had before where the recipient of my message just got a blurb of colors. If Apple fulfills what they promise for the change it’ll be an overall improvement for messaging that should’ve happened sooner.