Pokémon GO anyone? Do you play it?

Helo hello!

Does anyone here play Pokémon GO, if so what interests you about the game? What level are you at? What's are your top favorite Pokémons that you currently own or would like to own?

I thought to ask this because I still enjoy playing it here and there. Cheers!

pokemon go

  • Oh, wow - I haven't even thought about that game in quite awhile, but I used to play A LOT - drive around on Sat/Sun with girlfriend and kids to meet up with Facebook raid groups... thanks for the memories!

  • Can’t say that I do anymore, but it was great for exercise motivation! My uncle still plays and he says he loves the community and how he gets exercise as well. He’s very serious about it and still does the gyms and everything. 

    does it still blow through battery? 

  • I have never played any pokemon anything. 

  • Still play it, currently at level 39. Mostly interested just because I like Pokemon. 

  • I played it for 5 or 6 months and after that it just got super boring to me... my sister who also plays lives in a different state so we could never do any trading... I don't have any plans on playing it anymore but I guess it was fun while it lasted 

  • Played on release for a few months, then dropped it, till a few months ago. A lot has changed, but at the same time, not much as changed at all. Was hoping for a bit more after years of updates. Lvl 34, but already feel myself stopping soon.

  • It's been a long while since I last played. I was level 38 and typically used Mewtwo, Kyogre and Tyranitar. I stopped playing because the events became too complex and lucky driven. And the fact that some Pokemon were unavailable to catch or evolve made me lose interest. Not only that, but it has been years since some Pokemon have been available. That takes away the fun in collecting them. What's the use if you will still be staring at an incomplete Pokedex?

  • Honestly I’ve never thought about it but if I were to say anything it would be about the leveling system for the Pokémon in the game Ms the way they evolve 

  • Gosh I'd forgotten aboutthis game. It's been awhile. Might need to start up again. Seems like it was huge for a few months then just disappeared 

  • I still play it. Working on maxing out my level. I don't have faves.