Pixel cost

Why are google pixel phones so costly, but motorola are affordable?

  • Motorola are bad with their update policy, takes forever to update. Pixel on other hand are very quick on their updates.

  • Compare to motorola? I don't think pixel is that much pricier than other phones but if google made that way than I think it's most pricy because google is trying to enter the big market with other big dogs. Google is pretty big company so wouldn't they want to compete with others with similar size to them? Beside, they were making phones with samsung for really long time so it's not like they are totally new player to the market

  • You can get early generations for pretty cheap you dont have to get the latest.  I bought a Pixel 6 pro for 300 when the Pixel 7 was releasing.  I really like their phones over my iphone 14.

  • Because of marketing

  • i think the most recent phones are always more costly.

  • Pixels are just better. Better software, cameras, build, etc.