What do you Think of Refurbished?

I want to know your thoughts, good or bad, about refurbished phones.

  • This is a more general response, not just for mobile. From what I’ve heard, refurbished for some brands can have better quality control since usually they are returns and the company doesn’t want a second return. I’d say it’s a safe bet so long as the company itself that made the device is the one that refurbished/replaced parts as necessary. Some companies may also include a warranty on refurbished in which case it should be plenty fine. We have an HP desktop that was refurbished which we got in 2011, although it’s slow due to age it still functions if that’s saying something.

  • I try to avoid anything refurbished

  • AVOID. You never know how clean (or dirty) you'll receive a refurbished phone. Better to save up and buy new.