Apple Vs Android. If Android, which phone do you prefer?

Apple Vs Android Debate and why?

I prefer Android for open source use and availability of things. I prefer the motorola products. Good Warranties and customer service if needed. 

  • I too prefer Motorola

  • Android simply because I can do much more than I can with/on iOS. iOS is built like a kid's toy. In terms of the Android side, the S24 Ultra is the best there is right now.

  • I was a longtime Samsung user as far back as the Galaxy S III, but recently switched over to Motorola. So far, I've been happy with my decision to do so.

  • I'm a big fan of gaming on my phone during those long travel hours. Honestly, nothing beats the convenience and distraction it offers. The most important for me are battery life, performance, screen quality, and the overall experience.

    First off, Apple devices, particularly the latest iPhones, are known for their powerful performance thanks to the A-series chips. They're incredibly efficient, which means games run smoothly, even the most demanding ones. Plus, the optimization of games on iOS is usually top-notch, giving you a seamless experience. The screen quality on iPhones is also fantastic, with accurate colors and great brightness levels, making visuals pop. However, the battery life, while decent, can be a bit of a letdown during those marathon gaming sessions. You might find yourself reaching for a charger more often than you'd like. From my experience, I noticed that the first months the battery works perfectly, and then its condition deteriorates. And I also don't like that it starts to heat up a lot. If you have ideas to solve this problem, I will be grateful!

    On the flip side, Android phones, especially the high-end models from brands like Samsung, OnePlus, and yes, Motorola, offer a great gaming experience too. The customization options on Android are unbeatable, allowing you to tweak your gaming experience to your liking. Plus, many Android phones come with features specifically aimed at gamers, like higher refresh rates for smoother gameplay, and some even have built-in cooling systems. Battery life tends to be better on Android phones, especially on models from Motorola, which means you can game for longer without worrying about your phone dying on you.

    Speaking of Motorola, I've had a really good experience with their devices in terms of gaming. They might not match the raw power of the latest iPhone, but they offer a solid gaming experience, excellent battery life, and a screen that's more than good enough for enjoying games on the go. Plus, the fact that Motorola has good warranties and customer service is a big plus in my book.

    But aside from talking about the phone, I like that almost all sites are optimized for the phone. So I can play online pokies here from my phone. All you need is a stable internet connection. So, while I love the seamless experience and performance of gaming on an iPhone, my preference leans towards Android, specifically Motorola, for the longer battery life, screen quality that's good enough for gaming, and the overall value for money. But I also use an iPhone, currently I have 13 pro and I don't want to change to 15 yet. What do you say?

  • I had a  note 9, and just bought a s24 ultra. With any tool, get the best 1 you can! You'll have a better user experience. Plus, make it last, like I did with my note 9 for 5 years or so! 

  • Easily Android. I'm not paying for overpriced devices with lacking tech (welcome to USB C finally).

  • Easily Android and i prefer mostly xioami and subs or huawei

  • I love my Pixel 8, but I will probably get the Pixel Fold 2 (or whatever the latest one is).

  • My response is probably going to differ then most but Phonewise I prefer Android. Although I used to have a MacBook which I enjoyed at the time, from a gaming perspective I prefer PC/Windows which I use mostly now.   

  • No debate at all as Apple products are never considered for me.