Does anyone remember how popular Pokémon Go was a few years ago?

I remember when it was really popular for a while, Pokémon Go events were going on in my city, there were ads and many posts about it too. Then, the hype went down after a short period of time. Does anyone remember?

  • I have friends that still play it, but yeah, like most things the hype died down and people moved onto the next thing. It's still out there, and still fun if you feel like playing

  • I was under the impression it was still really popular, just fallen out of the news as most things do. 

    Sooner or later someone is going to make an follow up or similar game for the Apple Vision headset and the like, and the absurdity will make headlines again.

  • I never got into myself but definitely remember the hype. I think some of "die down" is just people losing interest in general. Having said that, the developers also made some pretty unpopular decisions after the initial boom that turned a lot of people off.

  • Yes, I remember. I think people probably got tired of walking into traffic or tripping over things - anything to catch those Pokemon. 

  • Yes, I remember. There were many people outside, walking around and staring at their phones everywhere.

  • I do remember, it was awesome! 

    The problem is that there wasn't much to the game. If they had a proper RPG and battle system, they could have hooked so many people! 

  • I was into it for a while using two accounts two phones and even drove to a Chicago event, then got burned out.

  • Is True The passion went down, but We still play it, you can also get bust on Prime gaming. I believe it just need a good update to get the passion back. New features more variety on Pokemon.

  • Maybe and option for a PC Pokemon game, like use the Pokemon you capture in a PC game and console.

  • I remember. I also know people who still play. The game hasn't changed much since then, but its pokemon and that's enough for a LOT of people.