Does anyone remember how popular Pokémon Go was a few years ago?

I remember when it was really popular for a while, Pokémon Go events were going on in my city, there were ads and many posts about it too. Then, the hype went down after a short period of time. Does anyone remember?

  • I too thought it was still very popular and just so normalized that it wasn't in the news anymore.

  • I remember it. I tried it for a couple of weeks, but it just wasn't my thing. I can see how people got addicted, though.

  •    Picture it. America, 2016.

    The news running stories every 15 minutes about millennials running into traffic like zombies while staring at their phones. Meanwhile, a bunch of adults were just using an app to try to recapture a nostalgic piece of their youth and having a nice time.

  • Yes my one local park was a hot spot, made it impossible to go to.

  • Yes! It was all the rage! People actually went outside for hours to play the game! The hype died down, but people are still playing it. The accessories are cool at least for display/collections!

  • I think its still pretty popular, just some of the hype around it has died down over time. It has a pretty large player base still, but yeah several years ago the game was all you would ever hear people talking about haha

  • Yeah it was huge. One of the spots was at my store and it brought so many customers. Lol I always used to merchandise hot products near Pokemon spot. I definitely saw a bump in sales. It's not as popular as it used to be but it still has a following.

  • Yeah, I remember. I almost broke up with my partner because of this game! I quit shortly!

  • I wish it was still popular! It's a fun game

  • When it first came out it felt like every one was playing. I still occasionally see people playing, and I still play occasionally.