Best Cell phone games people are currently playing?

What are some of the best cell phone games everyone is playing right now. And what cell phone are you using to play on?

  • I like playing Dragon Raja because they have a bunch to do on there as far as a pocket mmorpg is concerned. I also play Food Fantasy because of the character designs and more relaxed rpg management elements. (I am playing in a Google Pixel 8 pro)

  • I’ve been playing Bleach Brave Souls for some years now (started on iphone 6s, iphone 13 today), to this day I’d still say it has the smoothest controls on mobile for any action game. Aether Gazer and Honkai Impact 3rd would probably be close seconds in terms of smoothness of controls, though I don’t play them near as much. Just know though that these mentions would be gachas, definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. A non gacha I’ll just add here at the end is Marvel Future Fight.

  • Emulating PS2 games, it was before my time, but some of my favorite series started on it, so emulating it with mods makes it a great experience. Otherwise for normal titles it was bad north.

  • I have been playing some Gubbins. It's a more laid-back scrabble with cute animations. I'm playing on a Moto G stylus 5g 2022 I got from the Lenovo store. 

  • Balloons tower defense 6 is fun to play on the phone.

  • I've just started playing Free Fire and built up so much anxiety. I think I'm gonna quit, it's making me a bad person!

  • I have recently been playing Street Fighter Duel which is an idle RPG that has some pretty neat team compositions and synergies. 

  • eFootball on the S24 Ultra