Excellent gaming phone

I am planning to buy Lenovo K15 Plus phone from KSA.According to me it is basically a gaming phone and is an affordable phone to play games. The other features are mentioned here. https://www.xcite.com.sa/lenovo-k15-plus-128gb-phone-blue.html . Can anyone explain the latest Lenovo gaming phones' reviews here.

  • What are you trying to play on the phone? Because a lot of phones will be more than fine for app games. Have also tried Stadia on your phone? You can try it for free and see if that covers your mobile gaming needs and what devise makes sense for that. Stadia games would probably be better than app games, so if you just like the phone form factor you may find this paring to be great.

  • Interested to know what you think. I've been resisting gaming phones for a while, but this one has piqued my interest.

  • Gear like this I'd want to be sure of its thermal profile since it'll be in my hands or pocket constantly

  • The iphone 11 us super smooth!