Officially, Call of Duty®︎: Warzone™︎ mobile version

Hello Everyone Wave

Finally, the Call of Duty®: WarzoneTm mobile version is officially available for download from stores via the link

Call of Duty®: Warzone MobileTm | Dive Into A New Era

Or scan the barcode:


  • Didn't really care for the last one....Hopefully this one turns out better...

  • let me try one my phone

  • I loved playing the older call of duty mobile because it had all of the popular maps from their entire franchise so it was very nostalgic 

  • I can't imagine playing Call of Duty on such a small screen. I wonder if there's a way to hook my phone up to a mouse, keyboard, and monitor and play against the phone people hahahaha

  • I used to play a little PubG on my phone, I may check this out to see how it is. Could be fun!

  • Was an interesting first game will have to play more to see if I keep going 

  • I have played this on my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 (with xbox controller) If you have a good phone and can handle the small screen, it is fun going to rebirth. 

  • How is it running I wonder? I would check this out but id have to find out how to free up like 6gb in order to install lol

  • nice call of duty mobile

  • Cool, will check if my older phone can handle it!   PS;  Looks like you got spammed with some inappropriate messages...