Whats the best game currently available for the Nintendo Switch

In your opinion, whats the game with the best value for your money? Ex: game with the most stages or checkpoints without it feeling stretched out or pointless.

  • the Zelda game shave lots of good content of course

  • Ahhh, I love Zelda, have not played it in awhile.Grinning

  • I really enjoyed Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Skyward sword is worth it since there's no other way to play it without motion control. Both allows you to put a decent amount of time in content, like pokemon usually has after game content that's fun. and skyward sword has a lot of mini games to play. I thinks there's plenty of games that's worth the money on the switch depending on the genre that you're into. 

  • Wow... the best game on the Nintendo Switch? I actually thought about this for a bit and for me it's a tie between...

    • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
    • Red Dead Redemption

    Extremely close second goes to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Outer Worlds, and Borderlands

  • Probably Zelda, though it isn't really my thing. I might get Red Dead Redemption on the Switch, just to replay it again, it is a good game.

  • Tears of the Kingdom is a good choice, but if you are more linear minded and also a completionist, Mario Odyssey also has an absolute ton of good gameplay beyond the main storyline and is still a fantastic game.

  • Breath of the Stuck out tongue winking eyeWild Tears of the kingdom for sure. A personal favorite in Metroid Dread.

  • Unpopular opinion: I think the Zelda games are highly overrated. Stack Zelda up against any other open world RPG and it just seems empty and boring. So I'm going to go with Luigi's Mansion 3.