What's the last game you played all the way through?

Maybe it's something you sped through, or perhaps it was a game you took your time to 100%...maybe it's somewhere in between. Regardless, what's the last game you played through, and how did you approach it? Was it your first time beating it, or have you played it numerous times? What did you enjoy about it?

  • I loved playing Ratchet & Crank: A Crack in Time. I remember beating it so many time and playing it over and over. I started with EZ mode and up'd the game afterwards. I just love the arts and the simplicity of the gameplay.

  • Diablo IV. It hit GamePass late April and I played it straight through over the course a few weeks (usually my gaming time these days is 1-2 hours at night). I don't really play endgame content for any game, so beating the campaign is what I consider playing all the way through!

  • I beat The last of us twice, it was a really good game i had to do two run throughs.

  • Recently replayed through several of the older Assassin's Creed games. Basically Ezio trilogy up through Rogue. Probably my third or fourth playthrough for most of them.

  • Unicorn Overlord came out this year and it was an awesome game. Because it could have multiple endings and different character relationships the game let you keep your gained experience after the final battle and go right back to before the battle started after the credits. I loved it.

  • This is a little tricky because I have been playing a lot of early access games lately and I 100% the current content, but I am aware there will be more added before the 1.0 release. The most recent example would be Abiotic Factor, but I plan to replay it with more friends again. This game is a horror survival craft, so even if I know the story I won't get bored replaying it even if there is no new content. 

  • I only 100% Horizon Forbidden West and for nintendo I've only ever gotten close to finishing Leaf Green by collecting almost all the pokemon once after playing it a bunch of times. HFW  was on the first play through and haven't played it since.

  • Baldur's Gate 3. One of those games I wish I could play for the first time again. 

  • Probably Life is Strange

    I think I either did it episode by episode each day... or maybe 2 episodes a day if things went fast enough.  I replayed it again after beating it the first time just to get the achievements :).  I loved the story.

  • I just recently finished bendy and the ink machine for the first time. I was playing one chapter a month night for about a week. I was a really good game and some of the scares got me a little.