Does anyone think Zelda is age appropriate for all ages?

I read a forum speaking on the topic of age requirements to play Zelda. I remember when I used to play games at the age of 6 and encountered game playing earlier than that, which included various age-rated games. The controversy struck when there was a debate about whether Zelda was age appropriate for younger gamers because the game uses the word "Heck". I believe that digging too deep to say Zelda is not appropriate, I mean it is not like it uses profanity. What are your guy's thoughts on the matter? 

  • Like which Zelda game, I just ask because there are a lot of them.  Like i think the original is safe for all, but some of the fairies are scantily clad. So which one?

  • So I don't have a definitive answer. However, I would be willing to say that anything beyond 3D Zelda games should probably be considered something other than e for everyone, or whatever that rating is now. And that's purely from the violence viewpoint. Let's look at a Link to the Past on SNES. The game is somewhat cartoony, and it's a top down. When enemies attack you, it's generally just moving at you in some what. They don't swing weapons or anything of the sort generally, so you as a player know they can hurt you when they hit you, but there's no real outright violence. When you attack an enemy, generally they just explode in a puff of smoke when they're defeated, but that's all there is to it. 
    If you move to then look at Ocarina of Time, there are much wider swings and attacks link uses, with some amount of force into them via voice, even if it's just his screaming to attack. Enemies also tend to make noises when they get hit, even for the enemies you don't directly attack(Like blocking the nuts back with your shield in some spots) Or when you defeat the spider boss at the very beginning in the Deku Tree, the blood squirt out of the eye when you kill her seeing her burn away. There is very much a larger representation of violence in those situations, even if it's somewhat minor. But just all of those things for me lead to say that the old top down Zelda games are probably pretty okay for everyone. The 3D entries in the series probably aren't. I don't think the word heck really disqualifies it though.

  • Zelda is definitely age appropriate for all ages! If you think it is not, then just compare it to all of the other mainstream titles. Its pretty tame.

  • Zelda is quite safe. I would definitely let my little kids play if we had a Nintendo Switch.

  • i havent played all of the games but from what i can tell is safe for all ages

  • Personally I think Zelda is age appropriate and the more important concern is to limit playing time.

  • I think it falls under "what you're comfortable with". I think that 7+ is probably fine for Zelda, but maybe your kiddo is a bit sensitive and would be disturbed by some of the content.  I honestly think that below 7....any game with fighting mechanics is questionable.

  • I think Zelda is age appropriate. As a parent, I would check each game yourself and decide if it is something your child should be playing. Does the game meet your standards and values you are trying convey?

  • I think there are some that can be. The ones that change the art style to something more cartoony might be ok.