Does anyone think Zelda is age appropriate for all ages?

I read a forum speaking on the topic of age requirements to play Zelda. I remember when I used to play games at the age of 6 and encountered game playing earlier than that, which included various age-rated games. The controversy struck when there was a debate about whether Zelda was age appropriate for younger gamers because the game uses the word "Heck". I believe that digging too deep to say Zelda is not appropriate, I mean it is not like it uses profanity. What are your guy's thoughts on the matter? 

  • The parents should define what's appropriate or not based on the education they have given to their children.

  • Zelda games are appropriate for all ages in my opinion. You can't shelter your children so much that reading the word "heck" is an issue.

  • I wouldn't mind my kids playing any Zelda game. There are definitely more inappropriate references, but none that warrant a different rating. They tiptoe around the graphic and explicit pretty well.

  • Yes. I can vouch for Zelda being appropriate for all ages. However, my opinion might differ from someone else's. I guess it would prove helpful to first define what it is you mean by the concept of age appropriate for all ages. In other words, to first establish what is appropriate and what isn't appropriate, as to be able to have a metric or way of determining whether it falls into that category or not.

  • I think it is still largely age appropriate for everyone. The Garudo tend to get more open in theor clothing, bit other than that there isn't much. All in all it is a great puzzle solving game as well that can help developers some critical thinking skills. 

  • Having played multiple Zelda games growing up, my first being on the original Gamboy, I could not imagine how Zelda would be inappropriate. I've never encountered anything inappropriate in the games. Breath of the wild has a few suggestively dressed NPCs but thats pretty much all I've encountered.

  • I don't think you should let kids under 10 play video games. Just my two cents.

  • I would say it is all age appropriate. There are animated movies with G rating that I think are less appropriate if that was the case and just like Eduardo commented parents know the maturity level and education of their child and decide whether it is appropriate or not after doing research. Children are subjected to all kinds of inappropriate language and events in the general public. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone in Walmart cursing in front of their child on their cell phone. Education and research is the key to protecting your children. As a parent you can not be everywhere all the time.

  • I can't think of a single Zelda game i would consider not for all ages even with a heck

  • I can wait to see a more mature version of it!