What games do people want from a Switch 2?

What games is everyone hoping to see early on from the Switch 2? We all know a few we can probably expect - A Pokémon title, a core Mario, probably a Mario Kart or Party. But beyond the obvious, what are you all hoping for - realistic or not?

With the remaster of Super Mario RPG and Thousand Year Door, I'm hoping they are laying some groundwork to bring back some lighthearted Mario RPG action. Less realistic would be a new Star Fox - I have so much nostalgia for the early games, but a rail shooter just feels like an impossible thing to have big innovation on this day in age.

  • I just wish Nintendo made an updated version of Nintendogs. I've had such a bad experience with the Switch OLED and their support/backup services that I could put aside prior grievances if they made a new version of the game.

    To stay on topic though, relating to the issues I was facing, how about a proper screen with no grain :) using a cheap OLED panel was not the move. I hope they don't go that route again, not that I'm ever planning to buy another Nintendo console anyway.

  • Seconding a new Nintendogs/cats version, that would be cool, there isn't quite anything like that in the current game generation. As well as just overall better performance on current games.

  • I want a new Pikmin game! I love the Pikmin series and enjoyed the 4th one! But, I want more!!

  • I doubt its coming during this generation switch, so Metroid Prime 4!

  • I loved the Mario & Luigi RPGs on DS and 3DS. Get me a new one with the same charm. A new 3D Mario would be nice. Prime 4... dude it has been so long in the making.

    So many other thoughts on games... I'll leave it at that though.

  • I would love to see a new Zelda or even a classic Smurf's village.

  • A Metroid game. Possibly in the prime series. Not sure if prime 4 is being worked on or if it will ever release.