Minecraft Characters Join Super Smash Bros

The madmen actually did it... Steve from Minecraft is coming to Smash!

But he's not alone - Steve will be joined by Enderman, Alex, and Zombie in the official Super Smash Bros roster.

Although we've only seen a quick trailer for these characters, game creator Sakurai explained that adding the Minecraft squad involved a LOT of work from the Nintendo team. Apparently every single stage in the game had to be re-tooled to accommodate these characters' block building abilities.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Did you ever expect to see this crossover?

  • I am very surprised to hear about this crossover! I can't wait to see what kind of moves that the Minecraft characters have and which characters will be included.

  • This was quite shocking to hear but i also think it's pretty cool.

  • Now we just need Master Chief

  • That would be awesome. I have always personally been a fan of getting Goku included. that would be hilariously awesome. 

  • Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy! all the anime characters would be awesome!

  • lmao yes!!! idk, it would be a different game at that point though. I know its anime, but they all also have games as well Slight smile

  • They did have a game called Jump Ultimate Stars that had all the anime characters in a game just like Smash Bros, it's doable! 

  • I will be really interested to see how his ability to block ledge grabs affects high-level play.

  • I didn't even know that it existed until just now, what are their abilities and attacks?

  • Yeah, but will they be balanced? And if they're too weak, Minecraft fanboys will be all over it.